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Adidas To Trial Experimental 4th Stripe

A CRACK TEAM of scientists and fashion experts based at Adidas headquarters in Germany are believed to closer than ever to a breakthrough which allow them to add an unprecedented 4th stripe to their range of clothing and footwear. Tense experimentation has become commonplace in the Adidas laboratories has the volatile conditions surrounding so-called ‘4th… Read more »

Investigation Launched To Find Out Where Rest Of Mens’ Trousers Have Gone

FASHION POLICE has launched an official investigation into the disappearance of the final few inches of mens’ trousers, a full two years after members of the public first brought the troubling occurrence to the attention of authorities. Accused of ignoring reports made by the public, the police investigation has been dismissed by many concerned citizens… Read more »

Breaking: Sean Wears Waistcoats Now

FRIENDS of Waterford man Sean Carolan are preparing an intervention after the 37-year-old was spotted doing his shopping, on a weekday, during the day, wearing a waistcoat over a white t-shirt, a dramatic fashion escalation that those closest to him are calling ‘the last fucking straw’. Carolan hit headlines last year after suddenly becoming a… Read more »