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New Facebook Dating Service Just Facebook

ALTHOUGH leaked details regarding Facebook’s new dating profile srvice have shown that the service is just basically Facebook, that hasn’t stopped shares in other dating apps such as Tinder, and Fingr from tumbling to record lows. The existing dating sites took a hit on the stock exchange as Facebook rebounded from months of negative PR… Read more »

Boyzone Confirm Split Until Money Runs Out

BOYZONE fans were told to hold back their tears after an announcement that the band’s unexpected upcoming album and equally unexpected upcoming tour would be their last, as sources close to the foursome confirmed that the lads would be back ‘as soon as the wallets get light’. Remaining Boyzone members Shane Lynch, Mikey Graham, Keith… Read more »

‘Wank Of Ireland’ Sperm Banks Open Nationwide

THE final touches were being put to Ireland’s premier chain of sperm banks last night ahead of the grand opening this morning, with every sound proof cubicle fitted with a variety of magazines, for all tastes and types. The latest issues of the Farmer’s Journal, the RTÉ Guide and Anal Fisting for Beginners Weekly sit… Read more »