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2 Million Kurds Who Were Going To Steal Your Job & Become Welfare Millionaires Found In Truck In Rosslare

AS THE FULL FACTS of the case involving 2 million Kurds boarding a truck bound for Rosslare, Wexford, remain intensely guessed, presumed and fabricated in online comments sections, yet more details are emerging. While the incident serves as a reminder that those in the haulage industry continue to face safety concerns as desperate people try… Read more »

This Rich Person Didn’t Funnel Any Earnings Away To Avoid Paying Tax, The Fucking Idiot

EARNER of an enviable amount of money, Clare Larragh, has been labelled a ‘fucking idiot’ by all right-minded people after it was discovered she hasn’t funneled any of her earnings abroad out of the reach of the Irish tax revenue system. Seriously? A high six-figure salary and you don’t even have an accountant. Colossal ignoramus… Read more »

Local Drug Mule Retires After 14 Years Of Service

INCREDIBLY MOVING scenes today in the Ballybeg area of Europe as Daisy the mule, Ireland’s last fully operational mule bred to carry and transport drugs retired after 14 years of service with one of Waterford’s leading drug dealers. Daisy had been in the employ of the Herdigan drug gang since 2003 but with the fast… Read more »

Rain Stops In Galway For Record 17 Minutes

THE entire Connacht region has come together to celebrate a record-breaking dry spell in Galway, after the rain stayed away from the area for an incredible 17 minutes, 47 seconds. Starting at 10.17am this morning, the rain-free stretch went unnoticed for the first nine minutes, as Galwegians steeled themselves for another downpour at any moment…. Read more »