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“Husband Did It” Insists Mother Watching News

DETECTIVES investigating a years-old murder cold case in rural Waterford have sought the counsel of a random Leitrim woman who has insisted from day one that ‘the husband did it’ based on nothing more than that’s just what she thinks. The death of Lisnan woman Cait McRian, who was discovered dead in her home in… Read more »

Rosary Bead Clutching Increases 400% As Wording For ‘8th’ Replacement Released

RESIDENTS in Ireland have reported hearing the loud and unmistakable sound of rosary beads being clutched defiantly as news broke of the wording that would replace the 8th Amendment in the constitution if a referendum on repealing the amendment was successful. “Oh, it was the most awful sound, the rubbing of dry wood against more… Read more »