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Children Urged To Monitor Their Parent’s Internet Use

IN response to calls from the ISPCC for parents to more closely monitor their children’s activity on the internet, a newly formed awareness group has urged children to monitor their parent’s online time, after it was revealed many parents fall prey to online chain letters and fake messages about viruses and scams they forward without… Read more »

How To Assemble A Flat-Pack IKEA Coffin Joke

DESPITE the easy availability of other people’s derivative humour online, many people are still struggling to come up with a flat-pack based coffin joke in the aftermath of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s death. The distressing occurrence has affected as many as 14 people, who remain the only people on the planet yet to remark that… Read more »

Heartwarming! These Scumbags Joined Forces & Realised They Could Commit More Crimes Together

IN RESPONSE to a greater community awareness and increasing cooperation among neighbours to tackle burglaries and theft, a group of downtrodden and frustrated scumbags resolved to share their expertise and resources after they realised they would be able to commit more crimes if they committed them together. This is one heartwarming story you’re going to… Read more »

Varadkar’s Self-Approval Rating Tops 100%

TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar has become the first leader of the country to exceed an approval rating of 100%, according to new figures released by Leo Varadkar this morning. The statistics, gleaned from a poll conducted by Leo Varadkar among Leo Varadkars aged 38-40, show that Leo Varadkar is currently the most popular Taoiseach the country… Read more »