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What’s It Like To Be From Cork? We Investigate

PEOPLE from Cork are often referred to as arrogant and insufferable pricks who would win every Olympic gold medal if ignorance and bluster were sporting events. Harmless observations aside, the question remains – is this true? What are people from Cork really like, and what is it like to hail from the Rebel county, the… Read more »

Man’s Family Tree Full Of Cousins Who Married

A LOCAL WATERFORD man seeking to study his family tree has discovered that far too many of his ancestors who married, were in fact cousins. Conall O’Rafferty discovered that if he traced his lineage far enough back it would become clear to him that both sides of his father’s family tree were exclusively O’Raffertys, owing… Read more »

Property Developers Have Multiple Orgasms During Land Development Agency Announcement

AN OFFICIAL launch of the government’s new Land Development Agency, which would see €1.25 billion spent on handing developers contracts to build homes on State lands, had to be abandoned when a number of property developers began experiencing earth-shattering orgasms. “I was just taking notes on the finer details of the LDA when I heard… Read more »