Neighbour’s WhatsApp Message Suggesting Xmas Drinks Enters 8th Hour Of Zero Replies


USING SOME advanced levels of telepathy never seen before, all 29 households in Pine Grove Estate have somehow collectively agreed not to respond to Clara Connolly’s suggestion to have a ‘festive tipple’.

Offering a range of dates and times across the next week as an option for ‘Clara’s Christmas Craic’, observers marvelled at the determination of all neighbours to flat out not respond.

“Ah I mean it’d be grand, drinks like, if head the ball from across the way didn’t go but even then herself doesn’t see eye to eye with herself on the corner and the less said about Little Miss Notions and her new extension the better,” Conor Hayes in no.14 put it.

“Can’t stand any of the nosy meddling pricks,” Leanne Massey in no.23 said to WWN, putting it less diplomatically.

Starting separate WhatsApp groups imploring residents to ‘hold the line’ and endure the unbearable sight of the lonely unanswered message, neighbours believed if the message went unanswered for two days that would be sufficient in crushing Clara’s spirit, helping her to drop the idea altogether.

“Don’t even put an excuse in like the new puppy is after eating your youngest, think of the bigger picture, if we don’t respond we could kill this ballache of a WhatsApp group for good,” said 79-year-old widower Annie Reilly in no.3, who was sick of people giving out about her weekly techno raves.