Husband Getting Hours Of Entertainment Out Of Cardboard Box Present Came In


LOCAL WOMAN Susan Haynes is beginning to question why she bothered spending so much money on an expensive gift for her husband Andrew since he’s getting more use out of the cardboard box.

“€500 that fecking coffee machine cost me and he hasn’t used it once,” a frustrated Susan said as watched her husband do the robot through the kitchen while wearing the box The Barista Express came in as some sort of robot helmet.

“Dancing means a lot to me,” a robotic sounding Andrew said, who despite begging and pleading with his wife for months to buy him the gift has yet to use it.

Thinking of her bank balance the 39-year-old office manager kicked herself for splashing out when she could have just taken one of dozens of abandoned cardboard boxes from the office in the run up to Christmas.

“Suze, Suze, Suze, push me, it’ll be like a bobsled,” Andrew demanded, his arse now plonked in the cardboard box, positioned on the kitchen floor in front of a surface greased up by a streak fairy liquid.

“Hell-low, my name-iz Bud-ee, I am your virtual virtual ass-ist-ant, my Suez-anne you look ang-ree, how can Bud-ee help you? Launching sex-slave mode,” Andrew said, back to doing a robot impression which will only last another handful seconds until Susan boxes him square in the cardboard head.