Could Changing Planning Laws To Benefit Unscrupulous Developers & No One Else Fix The Housing Crisis


“YES” CONFIRMED Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien who admitted he looked at the number of planning permissions approved this year, which far exceed the current largescale demand, and said let’s rip that up.

“That one Prime Time documentary about them dodgy brother proves we need new planning laws which are massively in favour of large developers, even though An Bord Pleanála already have the power to block spurious and money-driven objections,” shared one lobbyist for property developers who finally saw his chance to pull a fast one on the public.

Latest available figures show Dublin alone has active and approved planning permissions to the tune of 60,000 units, well in excess of current demand, figures set to be ignored by lobbyists whose only goal is to limit the public’s power to submit legitimate objections.

“As a renter with no hope of ever owning my own home, I’m excited by the prospect that developers could successfully pressure the government parties into reducing the amount of natural light is legally required in already small and pokey apartments,” shared the loser in this situation, a member of the Irish public.

Those worried that such legislation being formulated and passed in the Dáil could damage a TD’s career, many politicians have reassured voters that they have already got their post-Dáil career with a property and/or investment fund lined up.