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Amazing: This Man’s Anxiety Issues Were Completely Eradicated After His Friend Told Him To Relax

THE debilitating anxiety issues that have plagued one Waterford man for most of his adult life were completely cured yesterday, after a close acquaintance told him to “quit being so dramatic” in just the right tone of voice. Andrew Gahon, 36, had struggled with anxiety disorders since his teens, and frequently fell victim to frightening… Read more »

Local Man Always Has Some Injury Or Another

DESPITE a fairly active lifestyle and a job that isn’t physically exerting, one Waterford man spends most of his time complaining about various injuries and discomforts he has to suffer through. Jason Hughes, 36, keeps everyone at the Waterford accountancy firm where he works up to date on his strained shoulder, dodgy ankle, fallen arches… Read more »