“Wait, I Can Explain” Claims Husband Caught Watching TV Soaps By Himself


REACHING FOR the remote in a desperate bid to turn off the damning evidence clearly visible on the TV screen, one Waterford husband has been caught by his wife watching several TV soaps despite previously insisting soaps are ‘awful muck’.

“It’s not what it looks like,” pleaded Gary O’Dowd, as his heart leapt out of his chest at the sound of his wife, Una’s voice, who had returned home from the gym earlier than expected.

“How long has this been going on?” a shocked Una remarked, who stupidly believed her husband on the occasions he said he was watching football or an interesting documentary.

“No honestly, I fell asleep when the news was on and I’ve woken up now and feckin’ Coronation Street is on,” Gary added, his eyes darting around his head in a bid to land on an air tight excuse.

Despite his protestations that this was all a misunderstanding, Una, who up until this point thought she knew her husband of 9 years, refused to buy his feeble excuses.

“Gary, I thought you didn’t like soaps. I thought you said they were ‘rubbish thick people watch’. Isn’t that what you say when I want to watch them, Gary, isn’t it?” Una said, toying with her husband like she was a mastermind detective about to reveal she knows exactly who the murderer is.

“Fell asleep during the news you say? That’s what you’re going with, well, you only watch the news on RTE and Corrie isn’t on RTE, is it Gary?” Una added, snaring her husband, while hugely disappointed he hadn’t been watching Eastenders instead so her accusations could be timed to the dun-dun-dun of the TV soap’s theme for added dramatic effect.

“Wait, I can explain,” Gary screeched in a panic before going silent, knowing they were no words that could extricate him from the situation.