Man Could Wait For People To Get Off Bus First, But He’s A Cunt


A LOCAL DUBLIN man has admitted that he could conceivable allow passengers to exit the 39A bus before actually boarding the bus himself, but since he’s a complete cunt, he has dismissed such action as a ‘waste of my very important time’.

As the bus pulled up to quays, 26-year-old Richard Kingston could clearly see several passengers on the bus rising from their seats in anticipation of disembarking the bus.

However, when Kingston took the fact that he views himself to be the most important person in world in account, he realised there was no point in letting a pensioner and a woman with a buggy off the bus when he can just charge on as soon as the doors open.

Flanked by several other people looking to board the bus, Kingston bucked the trend of waiting the 14 seconds it would take for the doors of the bus to be free of people, and instead turned his body sideways to make his barging on more efficient.

“I could wait for them to get off,” explained the ignorant bastard, who tuts loudly when people pay with change on the bus.

“But there’s doors in the middle of the bus for a reason. They’ve only themselves to blame,” added Kingston, who inadvertently elbowed a pensioner in the head while getting on and chose not to apologise.

The self-styled complete cunt of a person capped on his thundering onto the bus like his life depended on it by sitting down and placing his bag and coat on the seat next to him as a barrier to people sitting next to him.