His Ex Dumped Him For Not Having Ambition, Bet She’s Sorry Now


IT’S a story many men are sadly very familiar with. They are in a relationship with a woman, only to be cast aside by an ungrateful partner who just couldn’t see their true potential.

This is the story of Waterford man Ciaran Clammy (24), who after 2 loyal years given over to his ex-girlfriend Leanne Walton, she dumped him out of nowhere criticising his lack of ambition among 345 other minors flaws.

Clammy will be the first to admit he was long term unemployed, but today is he the envy of many and has carved out a career for himself which would surely have Leanne regretting her petulant and harsh decision.

Clammy is the leading name in the world of competitive biscuit eating. How’s that for a lack of ambition Leanne?

“I have a sweet tooth, but it’s more than that. I’m driven to prove Leanne wrong, and the biscuit groupies aren’t so bad either ha. Leanne started seeing a new guy right after we broke up, but he obviously doesn’t treat as well as I did,” a chirpy Clammy told WWN ahead of his world record attempt at eating more than 27 digestive biscuits in 60 seconds.

“There is a bit of cheating going on in the sport, like, lads dislocate their jaws on purpose ‘cus it help with shoveling biscuits down. But I’m honest, so I don’t. I’ve always been honest, something you’d think Leanne would appreciate but some people don’t know how well they were treated,” Clammy explained.

The professional speed biscuit consumer gorged on a plate of digestives in a ferocious flurry of open-mouthed acceleration and after the judges consulted one another, they confirmed he was the new record holder.

A delirious and crumb covered Clammy was elated by his achievement and was living on cloud 9 when we managed to get a word with.

“Bet she’s sorry now,” Clammy repeatedly said as he was piled on by a crowd of attractive groupies.