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Top 5 Cocktails To Drink While Pregnant

WITH a damning survey revealing that a startling 60% of Irish women consume alcohol while pregnant, it’s time to take a look at ways in which the average pregnant woman can still have a few drinks now and then without busybodies sticking their beaks in. Here’s 5 cocktails you should drink during the nine months… Read more »

“Couple Of U2 Tickets There If Anyone’s Looking”

FORMER president of the Olympic Council of Ireland Pat Hickey has a couple of tickets for U2’s Joshua Tree anniversary tour in Dublin, if anyone’s looking. Speaking from his home in Castleknock, Dublin, Mr. Hickey stated he has ‘a good few premiere tickets’ he is willing to ‘offload’, and that they will be distributed on a first come,… Read more »

Baptism Barrier Operator Jobs Under Threat

OVER 3,000 baptism barrier operator jobs are in jeopardy today after Minister for Education Richard Bruton announced he would be scrapping the age-old checkpoints, which gives Catholic children priority admission in 9 out of every 10 primary schools in the country. Baptism barriers were first put in place in the late 1940s to insure every child entering… Read more »