The Pope’s Visit To Ireland; Everything You Need To Know


WWN, like any self-respecting news publication or online copy and paste outlet, is only too happy to cash in on people’s curiosity about the Pope’s visit to Ireland.

We could run a series of features and articles that asked tough questions and refuse to just give the Pope a bit of free publicity, but instead we’ve provided you with those gas stories about Pope lollipops and Pope action figures. It gas because it’s like Father Ted!

Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about the ins and outs of Pope Francis’s visit to Ireland:

1) Road closures: On Saturday between 6am and 7pm road closures in place from Patrick Street and Dawson’s Street to Cathal Brugha Street, Sean McDermott Street and King’s Street North. Full info:

2) Pope Francis appointed Juan Barros to the position of Bishop of Osorno despite knowing he stood accused of covering up child sex abuse by priests in Chile. But in fairness, it’ll still be a cracking mass in the Phoenix Park. Mass setlist here:

3) Skoda are the official provider of the Pope mobile. Gas, the Pope in a Skoda? Haha. Have a look at the beast here:

4) The head of child protection within the church, Cardinal O’Malley, couldn’t attend the World Meetings of Families due to an emerging sexual abuse scandal in his own diocese. Cardinal Wuerl, former bishop in Pennysylvania, withdrew too due to his role in concealing sexual abuse, as did Carindal Kevin Farrell due to the fact he shared an apartment with the Pennsylvania paedophile Cardinal Theodore McCarrick for several years, failing to report his crimes. And we were really looking forward to O’Malley’s talk on keeping children safe.

5) Starting on Marlborough St and finishing on Church St (lol, get it?), the Papal procession is scheduled to start at 4.15pm Saturday and will take 25mins. Full info:

6) Attendees at the World Meeting of Families are handing out leaflets which lie and falsely claim having an abortion can result in developing breast cancer.

7) From 6am until 11.59pm on Sunday there will be significant road closures in place surrounding the Phoenix Park. For full list of closures just look at a map of Dublin.

8) 18 religious orders in Ireland still have not paid full compensation to victims of clerical sexual abuse. That mass is going to be something else though, in fairness!

9) The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child confirmed in a 2014 report that the Church partook in the ‘trafficking, abduction and sale of children’ in Ireland as well as placing women in ‘slavery-like’ conditions in Magdalene Laundries. The report also highlighted the Vatican’s mistreatment of child abuse victims via a programme of silencing, obstructing and humiliating them. The Pope’s visit will be one to treasure for all families.

10) The Rainbow Choir, an LGBTI choir, had formally applied to be part of the World Meeting of Families event but never received a response from organisers. Speakers at the event have also maintained that paedophiles priests are not to blame for the abuse of children nor is the church to blame for covering such things up rather it is the fault of secular gay men and women. Good wholesome Catholic information.