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Richest 1% Own 100% Of The World’s Politicians

A STUDY conducted among the richest 1% of the world’s population, which is now convened at the secretive Davos summit, reveals that a total of 0% of politicians make decisions independently with many participants in the study proudly listing the names and locations of the politicians they own. “It’s fancy 21st slavery for rich people… Read more »

“Woo, Christmas Party Tonight,” Reveals Coworker Who Will Later Be Fired For Their Behaviour

EXCITEDLY skipping across the floor in the office of a Waterford based business, one coworker has expressed their delight at the impending Christmas party, completely unaware their future conduct at the festivities will see them fired almost immediately. Rubbing his hands together with considerable glee, Stephen Handratty (24) loudly proclaimed “woo! Christmas party tonight, can’t… Read more »

An Post Launch New Speedy Raven Service

AFTER being impressed by the speed and efficiency of the Westeros raven delivery system as displayed in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, An Post chiefs have ordered thousands of crows and jackdaws for branches across the country in a move aimed at speeding up delivery times and reducing overtime for postal workers. Although… Read more »