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“This Is Cancel Culture Gone Mad”

VLADIMIR PUTIN has labeled efforts to personally sanction him, his close allies and oligarchs as ‘cancel culture gone mad’ in a statement that is sure to be endorsed by middle aged men everywhere. “Can’t illegally invade anywhere and commit war crimes without people on Twitter and the international community trying to ruin your life, snakes… Read more »

Trump Among Putin’s Assets Being Frozen

FOLLOWING a raft of sanctions by EU, America, Canada and other nations on Russia’s regime, Vladimir Putin is set to personally feel the pinch as his own overseas wealth is targeted. “Aside from any assets like boats and houses abroad we can link to Putin, other assets have been frozen in effort to prove his… Read more »

Idiot Impeached For Withholding Military Aid From Ukraine Says He Would Have Stopped Putin

A MONUMENTAL idiot with a desiccated turd for a brain has declared that he would have prevented Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The pea-brained room-temperature-IQ-wielding-wart said this with words from his own mouth despite the fact that he was impeached for threatening to withhold vital military aid to Ukraine until its president agreed to launch… Read more »

“Oh No, Sanctions” Laughs Nation That Supplies The Bulk Of World’s Fossil Fuels

SANCTIONS that would condemn other countries to a lifetime of economic catastrophe are reportedly being shrugged off by Vladimir Putin, who remains safe in the knowledge that the world’s dependency on fossil fuels will see Russia’s economy thrive for decades to come. “Oh dear, they’re suspending the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, I guess we’d… Read more »