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Russia Asked Are They Warring Or What

VLADIMIR Putin’s continued feet-dragging when it comes to invading Ukraine has started to vex many other world leaders, who have issued a ‘shit or get off the pot’ edict to the Russian leader. An invasion into Ukrainian territory by Russian forces had been expected this week following months of build-up on the border, but recent… Read more »

Ukraine Invades Russia In Unprecedented Move

SENIOR Russian military aides issued a collective ‘holy shit’ this morning, after several thousand Ukrainian ground troops suddenly charged over the border into Russia, catching Putin’s army completely by surprise. In what is being described as ‘a classic example of the old switcheroo’, Ukraine ended months of tensions along the border and allayed fears of… Read more »

“Why Am I Always Being Blamed?”

“SURE, I’m a confident guy and I have my good days with many smiles, but I can’t be Glad-imir Putin 24/7, sometimes I’m Sad-imir Putin, y’know? But those leaders, they just see Bad-imir Putin,” the words of Russian leader Vladimir Putin as he reveals for the first time the full toll the critical words from… Read more »

I Says To Him “Yury, Ye Better Not Get In Our Way Now Or There’ll Be Fucking Slaps”

WITH NEWS of an agreement between Irish fishermen and the Russian government over controversial naval exercises off the southwest coast of Ireland, WWN speaks to Irish fishermen Kevin Mackay, who, along with his fishing peers, singlehandedly defused an international incident. “Ah, Yury’s not the worsht of them now in fairness, God love him. Shure I… Read more »

World Asked How Much Do They Like Ukraine, Really

‘UKRAINE – could you find it on a map?’, ‘did you ever holiday in Ukraine, do you have fond childhood memories of the place?’ and ‘how many Ukrainians do you know on a personal basis?’ are just some of the questions being asked in a survey aimed at gauging the world’s interest in saving the… Read more »