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“Don’t Worry, We’re Only Practicing To Bomb Shannon Airport In The Event Of A War”

RUSSIA’S Ambassador to Ireland Yury Filatov has played down concerns over their military exercises off the coast of Ireland, stating that the activity is a “non story” and are part of a regular practice plan to disable American airbases like Shannon, WWN has learned. “Seriously, don’t worry, we’re only practicing to bomb Shannon airport in… Read more »

Navalny Arrested For Refusing To Die

AS THE plane transporting Alexei Navalny back to Russia touched down in Moscow, authorities, absolutely not at the direction of Vladimir Putin, arrested the Putin critic, charging him with one count of ‘failure to die from poisoning as instructed’. Charged with a number of other crimes ranging from being ‘critically well’ and ‘still breathing’ Navalny’s… Read more »