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Irish Truck Rear-Ended By Russian Embassy Gates

IRISH STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA – An innocent truck carrying valuable religious items was completely destroyed by a reckless set of stationary gates operated by the Russian embassy. The truck, which has already had a statue built to it and a special commemorative stamp issued bearing its likeness, is sadly not expected to make a full… Read more »

Russian Paralympian Stands Up From Wheelchair & Storms Out Of Interview Over Banning

FURIOUS after the entire Russian and Belarusian teams were today banned from the Beijing Winter Paralympics after the International Paralympic Committee reversed its original decision, para ice hockey athlete Yuri Smirnoff began cursing at the assembled press before suddenly standing up from his wheelchair, walking away and flipping reporters the middle finger in disgust, WWN… Read more »

Some Vladimir Putin Facts You Can’t Publish In Russia

WITH the few remaining independent news outlets being forcibly shuttered in Russia for not parroting Putin’s lies and 7,500 people (including several 4-year-olds) and counting arrested for peacefully protesting the invasion of Ukraine, it’s never been harder to express dissenting opinion. To give a taste of the suffocating action taken by Putin’s regime on freedom… Read more »

“This Is Cancel Culture Gone Mad”

VLADIMIR PUTIN has labeled efforts to personally sanction him, his close allies and oligarchs as ‘cancel culture gone mad’ in a statement that is sure to be endorsed by middle aged men everywhere. “Can’t illegally invade anywhere and commit war crimes without people on Twitter and the international community trying to ruin your life, snakes… Read more »

Trump Among Putin’s Assets Being Frozen

FOLLOWING a raft of sanctions by EU, America, Canada and other nations on Russia’s regime, Vladimir Putin is set to personally feel the pinch as his own overseas wealth is targeted. “Aside from any assets like boats and houses abroad we can link to Putin, other assets have been frozen in effort to prove his… Read more »