What Chelsea Can & Can’t Do Under Sanctions


THERE HAS been confusion and questions in the wake of the UK government sanctioning Putin pal Roman Abramovich, requisitioning Chelsea football club.

How do these sanctions affect Chelsea, can they still function as a club and will this put them on the path to bankruptcy?

Find out just what Chelsea FC can and can’t do below:

Can’t spend more than £20,000 on travel to away games.

Can hitch hike to Lille for their Champion’s League tie and all share the one tent in a bid to save on accommodation.

Will no longer be allowed VAR replays on goals conceded.

Cannot pass Go and cannot collect €200.

Can but won’t let a minute’s silence for murdered civilians in Ukraine pass without chanting ‘Roman Abramovich’s name’.

Can compete in all competitions after being given special dispensation by the UK government

Can’t rely on Timo Werner to finish any chances.

Can recall their vast army of loanees.

Can’t deploy them to Russian front lines.

Can’t enter into contract renewal talks with players.

Can still laugh at and derive join from the fact Manchester United continues to resemble the world’s largest circus.

Chelsea, £1.5bn in debt to Abramovich, can get kicked out of the Premier League and it would be very funny.

However, rival clubs cannot come up with chants that make fun of Chelsea’s plight as that would be mean and unfair.

Can allow season ticket holders to attend games.

Can’t self club merchandise in the club shop not even Chelsea branded Russian tanks.

Prospective owners can make donations to the Tory party. Including exciting new billionaire around London, Abram Romanovich.