Hardline 32 County Nationalist Backing Russia In Ukraine Tensions Somehow


UNABLE to see the contradictory and illogical knots he has tied himself in, local Republican and staunch advocate for a United Ireland Liam Caherty remains fully behind Russia’s encroachment on sovereign Ukraine territory as he believes in a people’s right to self-determinism.

“But Liam, we’d be first in line to kick the Brits out so Russia annexes Crimea and,” intervened one friend, who according to Caherty ‘didn’t get it’ and was now a ‘boot licking sock puppet for the military industrial Fine Gael/DUP complex, and also, Putin is gas altogether’.

Having previously stated his anti-imperialist stance at every opportunity and spoken of how is he ideologically drawn to supporting those who fight for the rights of the downtrodden, marginalised and persecuted, Caherty’s vocal backing of Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s recent actions have perplexed many.

“Palestinians, Cubans, Venezuelans, Syrians, Yemenis… and Russians, I stick up for those similarly aligned as myself, it’s about unification at the end of the day,” Caherty said without a flicker of recognition for how his sentence took a turn for the incomprehensible.

“I’m only going to ask one more time Liam but, with your well documented stance on the scourge of invading forces, empires, ethnic cleansing, eradication of culture, dictatorships and so on, you just can’t entertain the idea of siding with Ukraine, is that right?” dumbfounded friends of Caherty asked, foregoing inquiries about whether or not the Waterford man had had any major falls in the last week.

Insisting that if a downtrodden people spontaneously calls for a 15 county Soviet nation and Putin helps them then the plucky underdog’s desires should be respected, Caherty then mistakenly added a Slovakian flag to all his social media profiles.