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Some Vladimir Putin Facts You Can’t Publish In Russia

WITH the few remaining independent news outlets being forcibly shuttered in Russia for not parroting Putin’s lies and 7,500 people (including several 4-year-olds) and counting arrested for peacefully protesting the invasion of Ukraine, it’s never been harder to express dissenting opinion. To give a taste of the suffocating action taken by Putin’s regime on freedom… Read more »

“This Is Cancel Culture Gone Mad”

VLADIMIR PUTIN has labeled efforts to personally sanction him, his close allies and oligarchs as ‘cancel culture gone mad’ in a statement that is sure to be endorsed by middle aged men everywhere. “Can’t illegally invade anywhere and commit war crimes without people on Twitter and the international community trying to ruin your life, snakes… Read more »

Putin Using Way Too Many Air Quotes For World’s Liking

PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian troops to advance into two rebel-held provinces in Ukraine on a ‘peace keeping mission’, while somehow maintaining a straight face. “Oh he’s good, that Putin lad,” said one EU analyst, listening to Putin’s decree that Russia now recognises the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic as independent… Read more »

Putin & Biden Urged To Sit Down & Watch Rocky IV

US President Joe Biden has agreed ‘in principle’ to a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, where it is hoped that the current tension in Ukraine can be discussed over a viewing of the 1985 Cold War boxing classic, Rocky IV. The breakthrough comes after yet another deadline for the commencement of war in Ukraine… Read more »