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Dublin Finding Glitter Everywhere

THE city of Dublin awoke to its usual Monday morning rush this morning only to find bits of glitter in absolutely every nook and cranny across the city, WWN can confirm. Commuters reported small bits of the multi-coloured sand-like substance everywhere along their route with many trains delayed due to glitter on the tracks. “Both the Dart and Luas… Read more »

Viagra Container Spillage Leaves East Link Bridge Erect

MOTORISTS in Dublin are to expect severe traffic delays today after a shipping container full of viagra spilled near the East Link bridge leaving it fully erect, WWN can confirm. Over four tonnes of the erectile dysfunction drug fell off a ship which was being unloaded at the docks shortly before the bridge suddenly sprung into action, sending… Read more »

Dublin Feuds: A Guide

THE key figures in the seemingly never-ending string of Dublin feuds may be ‘known to Gardaí’, but that doesn’t mean they’re known to you! With so many feuds going on at any given time, you’d be forgiven for not being up to speed on who’s shootin’ who. Here’s a quick recap to the main players:… Read more »