Where Are They Now? The ‘Ah Here Leave It Out’ Woman


IT’S been 10 years since the infamous cries of ‘ah here, leave it out!’ rang through the streets of Dublin and into internet immortality, as an unnamed local woman yelled the soon to be viral catchphrase in a bid to break up a street fight in progress.

But whatever happened to this home-town heroine? Let’s take a look:

Nobel Peace Prize

Soon after the incident, the unnamed lady (estimated at the time to be between 15 and 65 years old, with her Dublin accent rendering an accurate ageing impossible) received a mention in the 2013 Nobel Peace prize shortlist, and a prompt recruitment by the UN for use in war zones around the world.


Throughout the late 2010s, ‘Mrs. Dublin’ was assigned to several hot spots in the Middle East where her piercing screams were used to deter the rise of the Islamic State in the area. Several captured journalists escaped beheadings when their captors fled after being told to ‘drop that fuckin’ knife, there’s no need for dah’.


The situation in Israel is complex and volatile,  but as far as our lady is concerned, it’s fairly straightforward. Through 2019 to 2020, she yelled at IDA soldiers to get them to ‘leave out’ their heavy-handed treatment of Palestinian kids. “It was quite unusual to be told to ‘settle the fuckin’ head lads’ but it did make us think that maybe we should stop pointing guns at children” admitted one commando.


Lockdown in Dublin was only possible thanks to the help of the Leave It Out lady, who regularly broke up house parties and get-togethers with her foghorn-like wails. In fact, the government cited her as one of the key reasons why the death toll in Ireland wasn’t much worse.

Present day

Not much is known about our not-so-silent hero’s current whereabouts, but legend says that whenever there’s a fight in Dublin (estimated to to be once every 13 minutes), you can hear her cautions on the breeze ‘ah here… leave it fuckin’ be… leave it out’.