EU To Place Sanctions On Iran For Bombing Country That Killed 30,000 Civilians


SHOWING that no attack goes without serious financial punishment unless Palestinians are the target or victims, EU leaders pledged to impose further sanctions on Iran in the wake of a series of drones attacks aimed at Israel.

“Let this be proof that the EU will act swiftly and decisively to call out unjustified and punish illegal aggression with sanctions when it’s aimed at non-Gazan locations,” confirmed Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign affairs chief.

“What right-minded and morale person would be okay with attempts to rain fire down on innocent women and children? Well, in the case of Gaza, us, but aside from that we’re happy to hit the sanctions button. How can we maintain a rules based order in the world and have peace flourish if nations think they can just bomb a location without any consequences,” added Borrell, not talking about Israel razing Gaza to the ground and killing over 30,000 people and counting in the process.

EU leaders were careful not to be drawn on turning the loss of human life into a tawdry exercise in maths due in part because “our maths doesn’t add up if you place the same value on Palestinian lives as every other human being”.

“We cannot have unprecedented attacks like this,” added EU leaders, the vast majority of whom are perfectly happy to see the planned and targeted murdering of innocent civilians go unpunished if it’s Benjamin Netanyahu the one doing it.