Dubai To Be Twinned With Galway Following Latest Rainfall


SUCH was the rainfall in Dubai this week Galway Council officials have reached out to their United Arab Emirates counterparts in a bid to twin the two cities.

Known for its vibrant atmosphere despite the constant rain, Galway’s pairing with one of the world’s richest cities was justified by residents and councillors alike, who insisted it wasn’t just the torrential downpours which sparked the twinning.

“The cost of rent and housing is more or less the same,” local man Timmy Ryan pointed out, “obviously their local government is a lot better at managing public funds than we are and well able to build incredible skyscrapers – but so could Galway if we didn’t have idiots in charge and the usual shower of pricks who’d object to a signpost being erected if they were given the chance”.

However, Galway human rights campaigners have since called out the United Arab Emirates over its treatment of women who were only recently permitted to drive and still forced to cover up in public.

“Of course you’re going to have hippies moaning about rights, but sure we’re only a couple of decades past locking our own women up as slaves to work in Catholic Church-run laundries and illegally selling their babies, not to mention banning gays and the use of condoms – we’re not as different as everyone makes out,” Ryan finished.