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Owen Keegan’s Guide To Dublin City

OFTEN making the news for ill-judged comments an envious Leo Varadkar wish he said privately in the Fine Gael WhatsApp, Owen Keegan is to Dubliners what his lookalike and ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ villain Judge Doom, was to the residents of Toontown. Taking Keegan’s recent sarcastic comments to the UCD Students Union that students should… Read more »

ISS Pelted By Rocks During Dublin Fly By

CREW members of the International Space Station have been advised to ‘keep the windows up and not hang around’ when flying over Dublin, following a spate of upper-atmospheric anti social behaviour, WWN can report. Damage to the side of the orbiting craft has been put down to rocks, used batteries and eggs that have been… Read more »

Varadkar Stages Protest Outside Anti-Vaxxer Home

TAINISTE Leo Varadkar has been both commended and criticised in equal measures after staging a one-man demonstration outside the homes of the anti-vax protestors who were outside his house at the weekend. Having learned the names and addresses of the dozen or so ‘patriots’ who posted videos on social media of themselves waving banners and… Read more »

WWN Reviews: First Trip On The Free Luas

SHORTLY after giving the green light to the hugely popular move by the Luas operator to make the Luas free to travel for all, WWN experienced it in all its glory and we have an exclusive review for all those readers eager to try it for themselves: Some minor disruption at the Stephen Green’s stop… Read more »