M50 Declared Best Place In Ireland To Meet Singles


AS more and more of Dublin’s bars, nightclubs and cultural hubs continue to close down to make way for hotels and offices, single people have found a new meeting-spot where they can try their hand at finding love; the M50 at rush hour.

“It’s summer, it’s hot, we’re all sitting there in gridlock with our windows open – it’s the perfect opportunity to turn to the driver across from you and hit them with a cheeky chat-up line,” said one man we interviewed at junction 7 this morning, as traffic ground to a halt and he chanced his arm with an attractive lady in an 09 Ford Focus two lanes over.

“The whole dating scene has changed, instead of meeting people at night, we’re meeting in the morning. The traffic is a great conversation-starter, and if things go your way, you might be ringing in sick to work if you get me, haha!”

While dating apps such as Tinder remain as popular as ever, ‘motorway courting’ has given many older people a return to a style of dating they’re more comfortable with; sidling over to a potential suitor, awkwardly getting their attention and then trying to secure a phone number before things start moving off.

“Everyone is stone-cold sober while driving, well, mostly,” our man added, as he made ‘wind down your window’ gestures to a woman in a van.

“So it’s really the first time a lot of us have ever chatted anyone up without being shitfaced. It’s a very pure, very challenging method of dating, but we love it. And it gives us something to do while we’re wasting our lives sitting in traffic on our way to a job we could be doing from home, so there’s that too”.

Seasoned M50 daters have even gone so far as to write ‘how you doing?’ style placards that can be read if they have their windows up, for mornings when it’s lashing rain but you’re still looking for a ride.