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Calls Made For All Grand Prix Races To Be Two Laps

THE controversial decision to cut yesterday’s Belgium Grand Prix down to just two laps has rankled many, but there have also been calls from a vocal portion of the Formula 1 audience who seem perfectly okay with an alternative to the usual 60-lap slogs. The decision to cut the event short due to heavy rainfall… Read more »

Woman Driving New Audi Must Have Rich Husband

A CONGLOMERATE of male observers have confirmed that a local woman driving a 2020 Audi A7 must have a very rich husband and will probably scratch ‘the absolute bejaysis’ out of the car’s 21″ alloys, WWN has learned. The woman, who was probably on the way to pick up the kids from school or getting… Read more »

NCT Fails NCT Test

THE NCT test has been deemed ‘unroadworthy’ during a routine NCT test with garages now facing the prospect of having to go through a second go of the stringent assessment which is no longer deemed able to carry out the test fully in the first place. “Ooh yeah…that’s not looking great now there is it?”… Read more »