We Test Drive Being Too Broke To Buy A Car


WWN motoring is proud to bring you the latest from the world of cars. This week we test drive not being able to afford a car nevermind the price of petrol.

Look at Done Deal, cry

The engine of our phone’s operating system loads the page with speed so we go from optimistic to angry tears in 2 seconds flat.

Do one more lap

Unrivaled suspension of disbelief, we scroll another 50 pages on Done Deal and even the barren wasteland that is Facebook marketplace but no, even an old Fiat 500 welded to a horse and cart is out of our price range.

Habitually check your bank balance, anxiously shutting your eyes before regaining the courage to look at the current balance

Applying the brakes to our hopes and dreams is so smooth we don’t even notice our heart coming to a stop. We can’t go to the Credit Union for a top up loan on our top up loan and despite the Golf we’re now looking at costing €15k it’s so old a new engine isn’t out of the question when the NCT rolls round.

Perform ambitious u-turn

The old bike in the back of the shed would probably be a great way to get in and out of town. Pop a basket on the back for the shopping. How hard could installing some speaker and a USB charging port for the phone really be?