Man Begins To Worry As Car Keys Not In Usual Place, Other Place & Other Other Place He Leaves Them


THERE is a growing sense of panic in Mangan household as Dermot Mangan has come up empty searching for his car keys despite the fact he has checked as 135 places he usually leaves them in.

“It’s good to have a routine, placing your keys, wallet, phone etc in the one spot saves you from hassle like this,” explained the father-of-two who is late to picking us his daughters from camogie training due to his vanishing keys.

Defying logic, the missing keys were not by the front door in the spare change dish, the usual prime key depository. Nor were they on the coffee table, another regular spot. Fear began to peak for Mangan when they weren’t in the kitchen bin, were he often throws them into when his mind misses a beat and hangs onto the rubbish he was holding instead.

“This is actually mad now,” Mangan said disbelieving, his defiant laughter beginning to take a turn for the deranged.

Convincing himself he could have left them in the work earlier despite driving his car home, Mangan carried out the type of intense and exhaustive search usually reserved for missing children.

UPDATE: A sheepish Mangan has been forced to issue a statement of apology after finding the keys exactly where his wife, who was repeatedly called despite being at the cinema with friends, said they would be.