Not Caring About Social Issues Because You’re Doing Just Fine, A Guide


IT CAN a serious downer as everywhere you look friends, family members, the media and society at large appeal to your better nature in an attempt to get you care about the issues of the day.

A weaker person than yourself might actually fall prey to the urge to break away from long held belief that everyone can go to hell as long as you’re doing alright. But just in case there’s a voice beginning to gnaw away at you, here’s a refresher in how to not give a shit because you’re doing fine:


That’s certainly a problem for people who lose sleep over money but not you.


You have yours and the mortgage repayments are reasonable.


You haven’t had reason to see a consultant in years, and your kids don’t have any issues.


It’s a choice!

Poverty Again

“I think you’ll find all key economic indicators show Ireland is a prosperous nation so perhaps you could just look at poor people as utter failures and leeches undeserving of your empathy you’ll sleep just fine.”

Historic abuses perpetrated against women and children in Mother and Baby Homes and the continued resistance of the State to deliver true justice

Ah c’mon, where there’s smoke… they’re hardly innocent.

Climate Change

For fuck sake, why can’t they leave you in peace to enjoy the four holidays abroad you take each year. And that 4×4 is the perfect vehicle for the school run.

The head of the CervicalCheck programme intimated that terminally ill women were only going to court because they’re in it for the money

Could you imagine the amount of reading you’d have to do to inform yourself on this? Possibly upwards of five minutes! And it doesn’t even directly effect you! People expect way too much of you, it’s not like you get anything out of advocating for your fellow citizens or fighting injustice and cruelty.

Direct Provision

You’re so disinterested and detached you honestly don’t have a clue what that is. Is it a tax break?

Energy prices

Honestly, how much does heating cost these days? Everyone should just leave it on all day like you do and stop overreacting.