Man Receives 4 Penalty Points For Not Keeping Her Between The Ditches


NEW road safety regulations in place from midnight last night have already caught up with Waterford man Michael Hourican, who received an on-the-spot fine of 80 euro and 4 penalty points for not keeping his 172 Kia Ceed as ‘between the ditches’ as gardaí would like.

“We have a between-the-ditch tolerance of around 28cm, or the width of a tyre” explained Sgt. Miles Benningham, at a conference where the new regulations were announced.

“After that, it’s points and a fine for any vehicular-ditch interactions. No clipping ditches, no close ones. We’ve got a ditch-0aving target for 2022 and we intend to hit it”.

Other new rules coming into place this week include:

  • Increased fines for failing to sink the boot when possible
  • 1-3 penalty points for not flashing your lights back at someone who flashed their at you, subject to how well you know them
  • Although keeping an untidy car is still not a chargeable offence, you may receive 2 penalty points for not apologising at least 5 times for ‘the state of this yoke’ if you pick up a passenger
  • Talking over a banger that comes on the radio will carry an 80 euro fine
  • Leaving an air freshener in place that has clearly lost its scent a long, long time ago will carry a 6 month driving ban
  • Back-seat passengers are now forbidden by law to state ‘there’s one’ when the driver is looking for a parking space in a congested car park and yes, they saw it, but it’s too tight so you’re not being as helpful as you think.