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Rules Of The Road For E-Scooters

DESPITE the government’s best efforts to ignore e-scooters, the uptick in their usage in the last year combined with a spate of accidents and the possibility that the mode of transport may be eligible for taxation has made the issue impossible to ignore. As such, the following guidelines have been put in place to ensure… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About The Elon Musk Tunnel

BILLIONAIRE businessman Elon Musk has unveiled a prototype tunnel in Los Angeles that he hopes will eradicate traffic congestion in major cities if adopted nationwide; but what exactly is the Boring Tunnel, and how soon will it replace normal, boring roads? Here’s everything you need to know: – At a length of 1.83km and a… Read more »

Double Decker Luas Gets Go Ahead

IN RESPONSE to the continued overcrowding on Luas trams during rush hour, Transport for Ireland has given the green light to a new double decker sized tram, WWN can reveal. Stressed out commuters have routinely complained about being packed into trams like a tin of sardines with worse smelling people and despite the introduction of… Read more »