Could Piggy Backs Solve Ireland’s Taxi Shortages?


DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL has put out an open call for all burly and load bearing individuals looking to make a little extra cash to join a pilot programme that will see the use of piggy backs in an attempt to solve a lack of taxis in the city.

“There’s no taxis and as everyone knows rickshaws are a drug dealing service not a means of transport, and the Nitelink is a rumour made up by sick people so these new piggy back licences are really your only option,” explained one DCC official, launching the recruitment drive.

“If you’d be handy round a farm or you’ve ever been called ‘a serious unit’, a career in piggy backing could be for you”.

With regular reports of people being stranded in the city at night, revelers can now download the Piggy Back app and request their nearest carrier.

“There’s another app called PggyBck but I think that’s something sex related so don’t download that if you’re looking for a ride home, well not this type of ride home anyway,” remarked the DCC official cutting the ribbon on the city’s first piggy back rank.

For prospective piggy back providers who may have concerns, a visor to protect from being vomited on by drunk passengers will be fitted on carrier’s backs and they will also wear a hat with a visible meter for calculating fares.

“This is only in its infancy but we think it could be a big success. A decent way to make money in these tough times and remember you have first dibs on any bits of kebab your passenger drops on you”.