Aer Lingus 757 Appears Before Oireachtas Committee


FINALLY accepting calls to appear in front of the Oireachtas Committee, an Aer Lingus Boeing 757 attended a hearing this morning to discuss problems with flight cancellations, delays, and baggage handling issues, WWN has learned.

The 250-seater aircraft faced a grueling grilling with questions from Transport Committee chairman Kieran O’Donnell. However the craft remained silent, mirroring its company’s stance on refusing to offer explanations for any of the current problems within Dublin airport.

“Hundreds of flights cancelled, countless luggage misplaced, ticket refunds outstanding; what do you have to say to this?” O’Donnell pried during a tense barrage of questions, staring off against the 47-metre-long aircraft for what seemed to be hours rather than seconds. “At least give us something here, EI-LBR,” O’Donnell said referencing the aircraft by its full name, leading to a red indicator light flash three times before turning silent.

“I suppose this is more of a response than we’ve been getting the last few weeks from Aer Lingus – so it’s a start,” Transport Minister Eamon Ryan later said of today’s hearing, which cost several hundred million euros as a whole entire wing of the Oireachtas chamber had to be removed in order to facilitate the plane’s appearance, “we’re making real progress here and if previous Oireachtas Committee hearings are anything to go by, we should have all our questions answered and relevant problems solved in ten years time”.

Meanwhile, cancelled flights and lost luggage complaints involving Ryanair have just been put down to ‘normal everyday practice’.