‘Please Offer Me A Seat’ Badge Counteracted By ‘I Will In Me Hoop’ Forehead Tattoos


THE TRANSPORT Authority of Ireland have today launched a new badge and card for people with hidden disabilities to use when on public transport which is still expected to be no match for Ireland’s significant arsehole population.

The initiative which is a simple and effective way for people with disabilities including fibromyalgia, autism, head injuries and chronic to better navigate transport but is already facing its first test.

“As soon as I heard about this I was straight down the parlour,” explained semi-regular bus user Kevin McDarland, proudly showing off his new way of telling people he would be making no accommodation for them no matter the circumstances.

“I like the way the O-O in ‘hoop’ are buttocks, very creative and artistic from the lad in ThinkBeforeYouInk,” added McDarland of his ‘I will in me hoop’ forehead tattoo.

McDarland was just one of many commuters lining up to get the tattoo but ‘please offer me a seat’ badge wearers have pointed out McDarland and his ilk have made their prick ways so blatant and obvious on countless previous occasions that getting a tattoo to confirm it is a waste of €100.

“That’s a disgrace, some people have no basic civility and decency but then again it is public transport we’re talking about,” said one motorist who can’t lay his eyes on a disabled parking space without parking in it for just two seconds, max.

Elsewhere, a number of local chancers have already been in touch with people with hidden disabilities to ask have much money they want for a lend of their card.

Meanwhile TFI have rejected calls for the implementation of other badges including ‘build a western corridor railway please’, ‘bring in the death penalty for displays which state “next bus in 2 minutes” only for the bus to magically disappear’.