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Tory Contest Down To Final Two Incompetents

THE Tory leadership is entering its final, deeply disconcerting and depressing stages as party MPs have selected Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt as the best and final two incompetents that will be tasked with becoming prime minister and further plunging Britain into the nightmare it shows little willingness to wake from. Recent changes to how… Read more »

The Fucking Brits Are Really Going To Do It

DESPITE all available facts which should act as a deterrent, the fucking Brits are really entering into the finals stages of creating such a morally bankrupt society that Boris Johnson can waltz into the position of prime minister. Johnson, who has dedicated his life to only providing proof of his insidious ineptitude, finds himself topping… Read more »

Ranking The Tory Leadership Candidates

IN A CROWDED field of would-be prime ministers, the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative party are struggling to get their message across to Conservative members and the wider public. Gain a better understanding of those running for Tory leader with our essential guide, in which we definitively rank the candidates: Boris Johnson His… Read more »

Theresa May Asks Tory Party For Resignation Extension

TODAY was supposed to mark the day Theresa May resigned her position as leader of the Tory Party, thus sparking off a leadership race but now, despite giving ample notice, May has dramatically requested a last minute extension after she realising she hasn’t got her shit together. “I know I chose the departure date but,”… Read more »