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Merkel Sound Now

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel is reportedly “sound now” after announcing Germany will stand with Ireland “every step of the way” over Brexit, following years of not being sound at all, WWN can confirm. Merkel, who for many Irish citizens during the recession represented everything that was wrong with the EU, IMF and global banking cartels, said a solution to… Read more »

Is It Time To Liberate The UK Using Military Force?

WITH tensions mounting in the UK among the elders of its two warring tribes as they slowly dismantle the nation from the inside out, is it time for the first world to step in and rescue the incompetent natives from themselves, before it’s too late? For too long now this great country of ours has been observing the UK’s warring factions from… Read more »

“Disorder, Disorder”

SCREAMING the word over and over again for what must be three years, House of Commons speaker John Bercow begged British MPs to stop acting like mentally deficient bacteria and band together to form one coherent sentence the people they represent could understand. “Disorder! Disorder!” cried Bercow, now with a broom in his hands, prodding… Read more »