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Ra Up 5 Points On FTSE

EARLY morning trading on the London stock exchange has led to a surge in the price of shares in the Irish Republican Army, with the paramilitary group rising 5 points in a 20-year high. Although the FTSE showed a fall in value for pretty much anything associated with Britain and Northern Ireland in recent times,… Read more »

EU Ask Britain If They’re Fucking Going Or Not

“YOU know how you’ll be at a house party and someone will say they’re leaving, and then a half-hour later you see them still chatting away to people while drinking all the cans? It’s like that,” said Angela Merkel today, speaking about Britain’s refusal to live up to the ‘Brexit’ promised last month. Markets and… Read more »

Fuckin’ Gobshites

BRITAIN is making headlines around the world today after over 17 million gobshites did something rather stupid, WWN can reveal. Exit polling company YouGov confirmed that the biggest winners of the referendum, which saw Britain vote to leave the EU, turned out to be ignorance, casual racism and Nigel Farage’s erection. Many voters were swayed… Read more »