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Johnson Caught Trying To Shoplift EU Membership Benefits From Brussels Gift Shop

SEEMINGLY in Brussels under the pretense of facilitating Brexit negotiations over dinner with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, British PM Boris Johnson has been apprehended by shopping centre security after trying to shoplift all EU membership benefits from the EU gift shop. “Oh cripes, ruddy well rumbled. My goose is cooked,” remarked Johnson… Read more »

Johnson To Allow Extra People In House For Xmas, Free Cars, Miniature Union Jacks, Anything To Distract From Shit Job He’s Doing

GENEROUS British PM Boris Johnson will stop at nothing in his attempt to deflect attention away from an inquiry which concluded his Home Secretary, Priti Patel, bullied civil servants, subjecting them to volleys of abuse and is basically Nelson Muntz on steroids. “We can all have Christmas together in Wembley stadium, Ed Sheeran will play,… Read more »

Brexit Success As Britain Sign Trade Deal With Venus

THE CONSERVATIVE government is today hailing yet another Brexit breakthrough with the announcement that they have signed a ‘win-win’ trade deal with newly discovered possible signs of life on the economic powerhouse of planet Venus. “This is a triumph for Brexit Britain, today we have signed a trade deal which will see Britain import, tariff… Read more »