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Johnson Wouldn’t Have Signed Up To Northern Ireland Protocol If He Knew He’d Have To Honour It

LABELING the EU’s decision to take legal action over the UK government’s continued flagrant disregard for the Northern Ireland Protocol as ‘silly business’, PM Boris Johnson insisted he honestly wouldn’t have signed up to the ‘blasted thing’ if he was actually expected to honour it. “Mea culpa, I feel ruddy well stupid, I had no… Read more »

Loyalists Renege On Good Friday Agreement Except The Bit Where They Get Out Of Jail

A NUMBER of Loyalist paramilitary groups have written a really rather crossly-worded letter to the prime minister of Britain expressing their dismay at the ongoing Northern Ireland Protocol issues, while also withdrawing their support for the Good Friday Agreement, more or less, there’s a few bits in there they ‘want to hang on to’. “Mr…. Read more »

Johnson Caught Trying To Shoplift EU Membership Benefits From Brussels Gift Shop

SEEMINGLY in Brussels under the pretense of facilitating Brexit negotiations over dinner with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, British PM Boris Johnson has been apprehended by shopping centre security after trying to shoplift all EU membership benefits from the EU gift shop. “Oh cripes, ruddy well rumbled. My goose is cooked,” remarked Johnson… Read more »