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House Private, Family Flowers Only

THE death has occurred of the United Kingdom, peacefully at its residence after a long battle with a deep, deep sickness. The UK had been on life-support since 2016, when deep divides between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland began to grow, forcing the British government into a coma-like state, where it remained until yesterday’s… Read more »

Britain Granted Extension To Neverending Nightmare That Sucks The Marrow From The Bone, Blocks Out The Sun, Steals Joy From Everything

NEWS that Britain has made a promise to finally have ‘its shit together’ by the later date of January 31st 2020 has been greeted with defeated looks by everyone affected by Brexit as they weep at the mere thought of having to contemplate this interminable torture for even one more life-sapping second. “The extension is… Read more »