“Finally The Brexit We DID Vote For”: UK Coastguard Ignored 90 Distress Calls From Drowning Migrants


THE UK Home Office has belatedly confirmed the migrants aboard the boat which sank resulting in 27 deaths may have tried to contact UK authorities including the HM coastguard which stands accused of not acting on the 90 distress calls it received for the incident in question.

The fact that the coastguard arrived on the scene of 27 people drowning only at the point it was clear it was a body retrieval exercise is being credited with being the first action and policy that leave voting Britons did envisage when voting for Brexit.

“It has made all the disagreements at dinner tables worth it, the empty supermarket shelves, the already poor getting poorer worth it. Stop painting it like a loss of life when it’s a win for sovereignty,” shared one Brexit voter, who couldn’t be prouder of ‘Fortress Britain’.

“For the longest time there was such confusion over what specific Brexit we voted for but thankfully I can say hand on heart, the kind of Brexit I wanted is finally here,” added another Brexiteer, smiling ear to ear.

“Brilliant, I didn’t vote for the blatant Tory corruption or Johnson embarrassing us on international stage so it’s nice to finally get that confirmation that proper Brexit is here; the blame the French for everything Brexit,” added another.

“It’s not illegal, it’s not inhuman, it’s great and it’s Brexit,” countered one Brexit supporter when being asked about an incident which saw protesters aboard a fishing vessel block the RNLI from heading out to sea to rescue migrants in distress at sea.

Closer to home, the Irish public has reasserted the fact it would never stand such inhumanity despite being represented by several MEPs who voted down enhanced measures to prevent migrants drowning at sea.