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Local Man Going To Miss Covid-19 All The Same

WITH the rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine almost imminent, local man Warren Twomey has taken stock of just what an unforgettable year 2020 has been, already growing nostalgic at the thought of saying goodbye to Covid-19. “Ah you’d miss it all the same, this Covid stuff. Do you know how many times I’ve had to… Read more »

Report Suggests Visors Useless Against Covid & Oh For Fuck Sake Can’t This Miserable Piece Of Shit Year Just Give Us A Break For 5 Fucking Seconds, I Mean, Come On

NEWS that visors are virtually useless when combating the spread of and exposure to Covid-19 is just the latest example of 2020 refusing to give anyone a break, even for five fucking seconds. “Jesus, we’re just trying our best and following guidelines but this ceaselessly malevolent, unextinguishable dumpster fire of the year just won’t let… Read more »

2020 Gone Too Fucking Far This Time

WEARING an intense scowl across its brow, knife between its teeth and vowing revenge, Ireland has told the year 2020 it has ‘gone too fucking far this time’ and has ‘picked the wrong fucking country to mess with at the wrong time’ after news of Michael D Higgins’ dog Síoda passing away. “Prepare to feel… Read more »