Rare Good News As New Year’s Celebrations Cancelled


WITH Dublin becoming the latest city to formally cancel its New Year’s Eve celebrations, a rare silver lining of 2020 has emerged for people who intensely dislike the most overrated evening of the year.

While the cancellation is seen by many as an obvious and sensible choice, others are simply happy they can scratch the evening off their previously binned 2020 calendars.

“You mean I won’t find myself rammed into packed rooms with a bunch drunk people failing to master the art of a 10-second countdown, y’know 2020 is alright with me,” confirmed one serial New Year’s Eve piss up attender.

Large scale public fireworks displays will also be abandoned bringing an end to excited crowds really enjoying the first minute of fireworks before growing bored of the subsequent 15 minutes of fireworks ‘overkill’.

“Thank fuck for that, ‘cus you just know Siobhan was planning some awful fancy dress murder mystery party or something just as excruciatingly try hard,” shared another New Year’s Eve party attender, who had always been too afraid to say she just hated the night.

Not everyone is happy with the announcement however as the nation’s lecherous auld lads questioned how’d snatch a kiss from young ones in bars now.

Others, who recorded their disappointment on wanting to celebrate finally being rid of the horrible year that is 2020 have been told not to be so naive in their thinking as 2021 is looking much better.