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Italy To Give Fascism A Go Again For The Craic

ITALY is taking its first steps towards a return to fascist-centric politics this week, as the political party ‘Fratelli D’Italia’ looks set to sweep the general election and put the country’s first far-right leader since the outbreak of WWII, despite how all that ended. Named after the evil family in The Goonies, Fratelli D’Italia and… Read more »

Russian Annexation Referendum Ballot Papers Found With Two ‘Yes’ Options

RELEASED images showing ballot papers handed out by Russian officials for today’s annexation referendum in Eastern Ukraine were found to have two ‘yes’ options, with a landslide victory for Vladimir Putin’s next landgrab expected. Voters flanked by armed Russian ‘voting assistant troops’ were ushered into designated polling stations at gunpoint, a measure aimed to ‘protect’… Read more »

FactCheck: Did Meghan Markle Kill The Queen?

A NUMBER of rumours and accusations have swirled online about possible direct role Meghan Markle played in the untimely and sudden passing of Britain’s 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. WWN is dedicated to informing readers through unbiased reporting and as always this publication has worked tireless to separate rumour from fact. Consulting thousands of articles the… Read more »