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Prince Andrew Loving All This

CHUCKLING virtually non-stop at the frenzied media coverage of his nephew’s latest spate of TV interviews and leaks from his book, Prince Andrew has confessed that this is the best and biggest distraction from his misdeeds since his mother kicked the bucket. “Oh how one’s eyes do sweat,” Andrew remarked wiping tears of laughter from… Read more »

Jeremy Kyle To Host One Off Royal Special

WELL, well, well; brothers at war William and Harry Windsor are to appear on a one-off comeback royal special of the Jeremy Kyle Show next month in what is expected to be an eventful interview with Britain’s foremost tabloid interviewers, WWN has learned. Agreeing to argue it all out in front of a live studio… Read more »

“He Has Me Plagued, Changing His Santa List At The Last Minute” Biden Says Ahead Of Zelensky Visit

“IT’D BE just typical for him to change his Santa list at the last minute,” lamented US president Joe Biden ahead of Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Washington. Marking the first time he has left Ukraine since the Russian invasion, Zelensky is expected to be incredibly selfish and once again plead with the international community for… Read more »

Now Do Prince Andrew, UK Tabloids Asked

SATISFIED that perhaps maybe the UK media has given over enough time to discuss, challenge and refute every second of the Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary, observers have asked if the media would like to end its 6-year obsession and now dedicate similar relentlessly to Prince Andrew. “Yes, she’s done a documentary in which there’s… Read more »