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World Loses Count Of What Covid Wave It’s On Now

GERMANY has become the latest country in the world to implement newly tightened lockdown restrictions as Europe prepares itself for the onset of the third wave of Covid-19, or possibly the fourth wave, depending on who you listen to. “You don’t count the first lockdown, just like you don’t say a newborn baby is 1”… Read more »

‘Vaccine War’ Just The Sort Of Thing Idiotic Human Race Would Get Into During Global Pandemic

IN A MOVE that has come as no surprise to anthropologists observing humankind, leading authorities, politicians, nations and businesses remain embroiled in fractious arguments about vaccine supplies which were meant to end the pandemic that has hobbled the world and resulted in millions of deaths and widespread hardship. “Honestly, we’re so fucking stupid I don’t… Read more »

Sydney Sent Irish Weather Conditions In Major Weather Mix Up

THE INTERNATIONAL Meteorological Authority has been embroiled in a scandal following a ‘systems failure’ which led to areas in and around Sydney, Australia being subjected to weather conditions reserved and earmarked for Ireland. The IMA, an international weather body put in charge of the world’s weather after the end of the second world war, has… Read more »

White House Staff Beg Biden To Not Do That Thing Where He Goes Quiet & Doesn’t Blink

SEVERAL members of Joe Biden’s administration and a number of war-hardened secret service members have been placed on stress leave after reporting that they can ‘no longer cope’ with the president’s frequent zone-outs where it looks like he’s after dropping dead. It is believed the 78-year-old Biden frequently just stops talking during meetings, stares straight… Read more »