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Assange Really Hoping Cell Guards Are Talking About Some Other Prisoner Hanging Himself

THE banter between the guards outside the cell of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have been getting a ‘little too Epsteiney’ for his liking, a source close to the beleaguered former journalist has confirmed. Assange’s nerves, already frayed thanks to this week’s ongoing extradition hearing in London, are being calmed by his team who have assured… Read more »

Syrian Army Happy To Oblige Laughing Girl

WERE you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who were moved by the story of 3-year-old Salwa Mohammad this week, after her father Abdullah posted a viral video of her giggling with glee as missile strikes rained down close to their house? Well, you weren’t alone; the Syrian government announced today they’re going… Read more »

Trump Posthumously Pardons Jeffrey Epstein

THE PRESIDENTIAL pardons recently put in motion by Donald Trump continue apace with his most high profile pardon now extending to deceased old acquaintance and notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Not content with releasing some swamp monsters back into an undrained swamp by pardoning a corrupt politician guilty of trying to sell a Senate seat… Read more »

UK’s New Immigration Points System Revealed

AN AUSTRALIAN style ‘points based system’ for immigration is set to be implemented in a post-Brexit Britain, Boris Johnson’s government has revealed. Far from being a worryingly predictable development that could see a dramatic shortage in so-called low-skilled workers, such as nurses and carers, that could serve as a sucker punch to a beleaguered economy,… Read more »