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Ireland Set To Open First Industrial Abortion Factory In Coming Days

AS A direct result of the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment’s decision to recommend a referendum be held on the complete repeal of the 8th amendment, Ireland’s underground network of blood thirsty feminists have opened the country’s first abortion factory, with no one interrupting this sentence to deny it is the first of millions… Read more »

Nation Gearing Up For Level-Headed Abortion Referendum With No Dirty Tactics Or Scaremongering

WITH Leo Varadkar provisionally scheduling a referendum to decide whether or not to repeal the 8th Amendment for May or June of next year, both sides of the argument have begun to formulate their campaign strategies in order to make sure their voice is heard in a calm, reasonable and sensitive manner. Spokespersons from both… Read more »

Local Artist Thinks Career Could Take Off If He Does Some Repeal The 8th Stuff

A DUBLIN BASED artist has spied an opportunity to serve himself after noting the warm reception several politically aware artists received for pieces which tackled women’s rights and abortion laws in Ireland. Noel Kenlon, who goes by the name ‘Ghostie’ when painting made to order pictures of flowers, believes pretending to care passionately about the… Read more »