Taoiseach Hires PR Firm To Decide His Stance On Abortion


IN A BID to test the waters for the most agreeable opinion on a referendum on the 8th Amendment, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will enlist the help of an experienced public relations firm to establish the right opinion for him, WWN can reveal.

The potentially divisive opinion could see the Fine Gael leader lose some support from particular sub-sections of Democratic Process Expression Modules also known as voters, and so the Taoiseach is taking no chance on forming an opinion of his own.

“This will be endlessly focus grouped, we will not stop until we have provided Leo with the optimum policy position that ensures he personally does not suffer politically from taking a stance on a controversial issue,” Gary Claggen, PR specialist for Hot Air PR, the company hired by the Taoiseach, “it just goes to show how important this referendum is for the country, it could cause damage to the Taoiseach’s political ambition… it’s a horrifying thought”.

“We all know the very real risks of just coming out and saying women should have the right to choose, and that’s where our peer reviewed opinion comes into play,” Claggen added.

The 40 person team is already hard at work drafting the social media blitz that will accompany Varadkar’s unveiling of his stance on abortion and the 8th Amendment, and the process isn’t without its hiccups.

“Choosing the right hashtag is a nightmare, and we’re not sure what photo of Leo we should chuck in with it. A somber Leo? A happy Leo? A Leo being carried above the shoulders of oppressed women he is championing? Hopefully the next 6 months of market research can tell us”.