Drink Driving, Grants For TD’s Constituency, Character References For Criminals: Fianna Fáil Are Back Baby!


WITH Fianna Fáil TD Barry Cowen taking to the Dáil to not answer any questions on his drink driving ban, or on claiming the full €7,000 plus travel expenses for the three months he was banned as a driver, the Irish public could be forgiven for thinking CERN scientists had finally cracked time travel and plunged the nation back to 2008.

Not content with easing back into being the most disreputable party to ever grace Irish politics, Fianna Fáil have gone straight in, no kissing when it comes to showing utter contemptible for the concept of accountability and answering for their actions.

“Lol, look at me here in the airport; it’s either muscle memory or a Pavlovian response but I felt the urge to emigrate the second I saw these cunts back at the wheel of the clown car heading for the cliff edge with the GPS setting the course for lining their own pockets, only looking after themselves,” confirmed another Irish person.

And in truly dramatic scenes Fianna Fáil whipped a mask from their face, Scooby Doo villain style, to reveal it was Fianna Fáil underneath the whole time just one week into being back in power.

“Minister Foley immediately handing out a grant for a school that just happens to be in her constituency, and that Flaherty lad who wrote to a court on behalf of lads who stabbed a teenager and have now had assets seized by the CAB. You have to admire the brass neck of it all, even I wouldn’t stoop that low” confirmed one life long criminal who makes his money by sucker punching the elderly and robbing their wallets.