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Jesus In 24-Hour Feet Washing Bender

HE’S at it again! Galilean playboy Jesus Christ has been spotted on the town again in the company of his hard-living entourage, kicking back with a rag-tag bunch of lepers, blind people, previously-dead men and of course, prostitutes; in fact, the ‘miracle man’ ended the night with some steamy foot-washing action with one lucky lady. The… Read more »

God Apologises For Saggy Skin On Human Races’ Elbows

BREAKING His longstanding silence to answer queries from the general public, God Almighty has apologised for the first time regarding that saggy bit of skin on humans’ elbows. “I may have been distracted when I made that part, and for that I’m sorry,” God stated before admitting his concentration and efforts mostly went into perfecting… Read more »

“Isn’t It Time We Forgave The Church?”

In his latest column, Bishop Cornelius Byle, WWN’s resident priest and conscience expert, poses the question ‘surely it’s time to forgive the Church in the matters of covering up child sexual abuse, disposing of babies in a septic tanks, selling children illegally to couples in America, condemning women to servitude and hard labour and a… Read more »