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Low Blood Pressure? Doctors Recommend Reading This

SUFFERERS of hypotension, a condition which cause blood pressure to be abnormally low, have been advised to carefully read a 6,000 word essay written by former Pope Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) in which he blames the innumerable sexual assault accusations against the Catholic Church on the sexual revolution of the 1960s. According to the World Health… Read more »

Jesus In 24-Hour Feet Washing Bender

HE’S at it again! Galilean playboy Jesus Christ has been spotted on the town again in the company of his hard-living entourage, kicking back with a rag-tag bunch of lepers, blind people, previously-dead men and of course, prostitutes; in fact, the ‘miracle man’ ended the night with some steamy foot-washing action with one lucky lady. The… Read more »