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Is Shamima Begum Momo? Sure, Why Not

UNSURE as to which vaguely threatening female internet sensation to create scaremongering articles about this week, the media has decided to run with stories that combine the mythology of brainwashed ISIS teen bride Shamima Begum and spooky YouTube banshee Momo, and who are we at WWN to not follow suit. Following discussions in newsrooms around… Read more »

Feminist Fail: This Woman Finds Men Attractive

BETRAYING the sisterhood that is feminsim, one woman has been accused of completely abandoning the strict and extreme application of feminist ideals due to being heterosexual, WWN has learned. Kate Calley (25) confirmed her lack of feminist credentials by shamelessly confirming she finds men, of all species, attractive. “Yeah, sounds like a serious feminist alright…. Read more »

Is James Suddenly Attractive Now He Has A Girlfriend? We Investigate

REPORTS coming into WWN’s sister site Gash are speculating on the relative attractiveness of James now that another woman has deemed him worth the effort and has begun a relationship with him. The phenomenon of men previously discounted suddenly becoming attractive when someone else takes an interest has been debated for decades but James’ recent… Read more »