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5 Things Your Relationship May Have In Common With This Car Hurtling Off The Side Of A Cliff

THE title says ‘may have’, so while WWN VIRAL realises this image is perhaps not a suitable visual presentation for your relationship, those that are on course for a cataclysmic disaster which will certainly obliterate them into a thousand tiny pieces before spontaneously bursting into flames will find that it does the job. 1) You… Read more »

Are Colin Farrell’s Eyebrows Getting Bigger Or Is The World Getting Smaller? WWN Investigates

WWN’S INVESTIGATIVE UNIT takes on the troubling issue of the seemingly unstoppable march of Colin Farrell’s eyebrows and the implications it may have for the wider world. When tackling the issues of whether or not the eyebrows of one of Ireland’s most beloved and talented actors are growing larger and larger over time, there is… Read more »